Bullied revenge hypnosis 2. The Perfect Trainer Gets Fat (Weight Gain Story) (25 Photos)

Luckily, I did notice that Penelope was also eating a giant bag of chips. I loved that, she had to now resort to XXL maternity tops to cover her massive belly. I can't even that much and I am over pounds. I unconsciously unbuttoned my jeans. Every regular medium or large tops were now crop top on the sheer size of my gut. Revenge goes both ways! Penelope was rubbing her even bigger belly.

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I'm going to the gym. She was already out of breathe and panting after only 2 minutes of jogging. I don't even remember eating that much. She had been popular in high school and even in college.

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Part 1 is linked below. Goodbye pounds, I was going to be massive. Cellulite plagued her entire body as she walked in with a very tight pair of shorts. Trust me.

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Her face had also turned chubby with a very apparent triple chin. The top was not meant to be a crop top, but her belly was massive that her large top couldn't cover it. I'm going to the gym. I had no choice.

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She was definitely the chubbier girl who brought Penelope the pizza in the gym. Make sure to watch me and favorite this story to show that you liked this! Part 2 of Revenge. She only half finished her plate of brownies. I do admit, it was kinda cute seeing Samantha go from skin and bones to slightly chubby to pudgy. The girl wasn't exactly skinny, but definitely wasn't fat. They jiggled every time she moved them.

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Heidi-Hollister Hobbyist Writer. I recently got rid of the special thinning mirrors and the broken scale. She was comfortably ensconced behind the main desk of the Big Dreams Motel, fully engrossed in her book and cooled by a large electric fan which whirred beside her.

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I don't think I have ever been so full and stuffed. Time started to flow by for me. She got an entire box of Chips Ahoy cookies. The two girls looked shocked at Penelope's new body.

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