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Later, we found out that they had been living on [in] our planet for a long time They also built a road - right in front of the people of Dulce and trucks went in and out for a long period. ET Related. This would enable them to truthfully declare no knowledge of such a program if asked, thereby maintaining secrecy of this SAP. One further issue to be examined for understanding the human rights and political implications of the evidence presented thus far is to identify how Dulce and any similar bases are funded without legislative oversight. My job was to go down the holes and check the rock samples, and recommend the explosive to deal with the particular rock. This force suffered a number of fatalities and inflicted heavy casualties upon both resident ETs and base security personnel. In response to a question concerning the Caverns origin, he stated: Nature started the caverns.

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The first base is the one at Dulce, New Mexico. Before analyzing whistleblower testimony concerning the Dulce underground base, I will point out the legal position of whistleblowers when disclosing classified information since this would help explain why comparatively few individuals have stepped forward to confirm the allegations of massive human rights abuses at Dulce and other joint government-ET underground bases. That night, about nine men showed up.

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One further issue to be examined for understanding the human rights and political implications of the evidence presented thus far is to identify how Dulce and any similar bases are funded without legislative oversight. Established constant direct communication with the alien using a computer and a form of hex decimal code communication was instigated apparently. If the papers were genuine, experiments and projects were being conducted that involved human rights violations on a scale that exceeded even the darkest chapters of recent human history.

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We fought back, but none of the working caste had weapons, nor did the human lab workers. The extraterrestrials have given the U. Return to Michael Salla.

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The use of corporations for servicing military contracts funded by illegal revenue received by clandestine organizations in the US military and intelligence services needs to be ended. Bingaman attacked Schmitt for not paying enough attention to local matters; his campaign slogan asked, "What on Earth has he done for you lately? This suggests that criticism of a lack of physical evidence on Jicarilla Apache land to support the idea of a secret underground base is not conclusive, and even conflicts with other testimonies of mysterious military troop movements and anomalous sightings in the area. Estimated Number. His new job was as a photo security specialist in the Dulce installation, where his job specification was to maintain, align and calibrate video monitoring cameras throughout the underground complex and to escort visitors to their destinations. The Grays were obliged to provide lists of abducted civilians, something that apparently did not occur and later became a source of friction between the Grays and US authorities. The "Dulce Papers" reveal the practice of unethical human experimentation at Dulce , such as illegal human breeding techniques, DNA manipulation and genetic modification. The role of the shadow government can be investigated and made accountable for human rights abuses through appropriate reforms in much the same way that many former autocratic states have had to reform their governments as a result of international scrutiny of human rights abuses. He traced these transmissions to a base located under the Archuletta Mesa, near Dulce.

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In conclusion, criticisms of the credibility of the principal advocates of the Dulce base hypothesis fail to be persuasive. In describing the way command was shared at the joint base between the US government and the ET races, Castello said:. At least this amount is used in black programs, like those concerned with deep underground military bases. The whistleblower testimonies supporting the existence of the Dulce base suggest that such a secret facility is indeed conducting a range of projects that focus on technology exchange, mind control, genetic experiments, and human rights abuse of abducted civilians.

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The covert disinformation campaign launched by AFOSI against Bennewitz suggests that the physical evidence he had of an underground base in the area, and the public support he attracted, were perceived to be a national security threat. Several human workers resented the "no nonsense" or "get back to work" attitude the working caste lives by. Bennewitz tracked down some of these individuals and conducted interviews on what they could remember of their ET encounters.

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