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Gohan was wished back to Earth and escaped Namek's destruction. In this form, his power is multiplied by Gohan could only access his true power when angered if he were angered like when fighting Cell Goku said Gohan could beat anyone. Western 8 pages Western 69 pages Zack 57 pages. Dranzer94 26 pages.

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Western 10 pages Western 9 pages Doujinshi 57 pages

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Like in all Super Saiyans forms, Gohan's physical attributes are increased dramatically and his power exceeds the previous Super Saiyan form greatly. Dragonball X II [Italian] italian translated dragon ball z dragon ball son gohan son goku videl f:sole dickgirl m:muscle m:sole male kouga-dou shibari kana. While in his Great Ape form Gohan retains to no aspect of his personality and is extremely violent, save, brutish, mindless and virtually uncontrollable and he loses a great deal of intelligence while in this transformation.

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Game CG pages Doujinshi 57 pages Piccolo then asks Gohan if that's true Gohan responds yes.


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Comic — Special Trainment — Flute-man English. Float Left Float Right. He powers up a yellow fiery aura and dashes towards his opponent and rams them with his head. Goten Boner - April 20, 9. Gohan like all Saiyans can transform into a giant ape by absorbing light reflected by the Moon Moonlight and channeling the light through his body into his tail which triggers a natural reaction that transforms Gohan into a giant ape with blood red eyes, brown fur, and a large tail. He watched his father fight Cell in the opening round of the Cell Games, and Goku, knowing Gohan's destructive power when angered, decided to forfeit the match and have Gohan take his place. For a good part of the beginning of the fight, Gohan was not faring that well against Cell. He and Trunks were also the first to discover Cell 's molted shell. Goten Boner - February 16, 0.

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Piccolo then asks Gohan if that's true Gohan responds yes. He first displayed this when he was training with Goku in The Hyperbolic Time Chamber and was knocked down. Goten Boner - December 28, 0.

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Gohan's personality also changes from his previous forms since his face remains stern. Super Saiyan Gohan, like nearly all of the Saiyans on Earth, is able to transform into a Super Saiyan multiplying his power by 50 his base power. Goten Boner - February 16, 0. Gohan was eventually absorbed himself, and died when Kid Buu blew up the Earth, but was later revived by the Dragonballs.

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